Denim Bib Necklace

A denim necklace? Yes! This necklace is 100% recycled and handmade.
Denim is not the easiest material to make jewelry out of, because it does not curve and move the way other materials might. I knew I wanted to make a statement necklace, a necklace that stood out but was also soft and beautiful to look at. 
The Denim Bib Necklace is made up of multiple triangle like pieces , individually frayed, and individually stitched together with red thread. The necklace goes all around to the back of the neck and lays beautiful around the contours of the neck. 
Soft, beautiful , and super lightweight. This Denim Bib Necklace is a definite show stopper.
Denim Bib Necklace Denim Bib NecklaceDenim Bib NecklaceDenim Bib NecklaceDenim Bib NecklaceDenim Bib Necklace
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